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The Independent Security and Engineering Company was formed by the merger of an engineering company and a quasi-military security company, and maintains a careful ambiguity about whether the Company in their name refers to a military or business organization. When they are employed by NGOs they tend to downplay the military aspects of their organization. When they are employed by a military organization, their job titles morph into military ranks.

The Company is divided into 13 Sections. The Legal and Banking Section (Section XIII) is located in Prague (which is considered the Company's home base), with representatives in the field.

The Headquarters Section is always located in the field. The CEO of the company is a specialist in major hydrological projects like dams, irrigation systems and aqueducts, and tends to divide his time between Headquarters and Hydro (Section V) sections. The Security and Special Sections (Sections II and III), which came from the original Security Company, tend to be the most military, and their chiefs are responsible for most of the tactical planning and much of the strategic planning when the ISEC finds itself involved in combat.

The full list of Company Sections:

The Company cultivates a reputation for being honest, reliable and cost effective. They also cultivate a reputation for being ferocious: a major purpose of the organization is to make it possible for the technical people to work in very dangerous areas and survive. One way they improve their chances of survival is to make sure everyone around them believes it is a very, very bad idea to attack the ISEC or any member of it.

The ISEC publicly claims to prefer contracts where they build rather than destroy things, but they have the reputation of being very good at both. Contracts for the services of less than the full complement always include personnel from the Security and/or Special Sections as well as personnel from the 'Technical' Sections.

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