Character Names

[Note: These names are Japanese. The family name comes first, followed by the personal name. The old Imperial line does not have a family name, though the current emperor does. Mages have a middle name (Hi, Ka, Ki, Tsuchi, or Mizu) which indicates what type of mage they are.) All vowels are pronounced, as in Spanish: 'Aoe' is Ah-oh-eh, and 'Kiyoie' is 'Kee-yo-ee-eh'.]


From the Imperial Capital

Imperial Prince Ki no Inabikari, Life Prince and High Priest of the Shrine of Evening Shadows, known as the Twilight Prince

Noble Lord Miyabe (Kawachi) no Tsuchi no Kagemitsu, the Prince's attendant

(Kazumoto no) Tsuchi no Toyomoto, the currently reigning emperor

Hatoriko no Hi no Hikagami, Kagemitsu's father and the Prince's grand-uncle, born Kawachi Mitsuhiro, but legally dead since being sacrificed


The Late Retired Fire Emperor, Imperial Lord Hi no Hiramitsu, great grandfather of the Prince, raised the Prince after the Prince's parents died

Tsuchi no Tamae, Kagemitsu's mother, daughter of a merchant, the Prince's wetnurse

Princess Funaga no Ki no Asami, the Prince's cousin

Princess Kawachi no Ki no Yugao, Priestess of the Midnight Shrine, the Prince's Aunt, Asami's mother

Jewel Princess Momiji no Ka no Tojime The Prince's late wife

The High Priestess of the Great Shrine

Ghosts from the Twilight Shrine:


The 2nd Fire Emperor Hodemi


The 2nd Water Emperor Takerukawa, his father

The 3rd Earth Emperor Inogori

The 1st Air Empress Soratsuhime (6th Air Monarch)

The Prince's Fencing Master Matsukawa Sukena

Samurai and others in Hinamachi


Chancellor Tajima no Masahide, leader of the conservative faction of the 'mundane' government

Senior Commander Tajima Kanehide, of the Regional Army of Higashikita, the chancellor's younger brother, lost in a battle with the invaders

Warlord Isanari no Moritake, head of the 'mundane' government

Senior Commander Mikawa Yoshihisa, regional commander of the Army of the Home Provinces (not head of House)

Minister Yoshiatsu no Masahiro, Minister of Weights and Measures, Mikawa's brother-in-law

Minister Suewari no Tadamochi, Chief Magistrate of the 'mundane' capital of Hinamachi

Senior Commander Uefusa no Sakahito of the Sekihigashi Regional army, a recently promoted moderate

Senior Commander Koshinaka no Matsunae of the Nakakuni Regional Army

Commander Dekumo no Michisato, a recently promoted young officer with liberal tendencies

Lord Katafuse no Asakira, a bigoted old man

Lord Tobida no kami, the 'Wolf of Tobida', an eccentric lord fighting the enemy in the mountains

Archivist Yamashiro no Mizu no Matsuyama, a competent mage who is in the liberal party

Lord Ninori no Kiyomori, Minister of Finance, a liberal

Lord Hanemae no Saneharu, an impoverished lord who seldom attends the council

General Hanenori no Yoshinaga, field commander of the forces of Ashihara, liberal

Commander Yanagi Mizu no Izumi of the Nakakuni Regional Army, a former cult priestess reputed to be the wife of a Dragon

Senior Captain Tahata, a peasant who rose through the ranks of the resistance

Captain Taka, Irregular Foot scouts, daughter of Tahata

Captain Moeri, Irregular Cavalry scouts, son of Tahata and twin of Taka

Commander Kashimori Yoshimasa, one of Kanehide's vassals serving as field commander of the troops of the House of Tajima

Ninori Kiyoie, son and assistant to Minister of Finance Ninori

Lady Takekura no Ayaka, supposed wife of Kanehide, heir to her house when the marriage is annulled

Lady Saneatsu no Orie, second supposed wife of Kanehide, also heir to her House

Lady Hanemae Haruko, another of Kanehide's wives, sister to the Lord of that House

Kawachi no Tsuchi no Yasuhiro, the Wizard of Kawachi, a famous ancestor of the Prince's mother

Captain Yokobashi Akira, an officer captured along with the Prince

HorseMaster Aoshiba Noboru, a non-commissioned officer captured along with the Prince

"Shiro", a warrior captured along with the Prince

Two drunks in Yoshiatsu uniforms, and an innkeeper

Shirokura Tadaharu and Shirokura Motoharu, 2 ronin hired by Kagemitsu for the Prince's household

Kanehide's steward and gatekeeper

Fujikawa Kakemono, a woman Kanehide won gambling, along with the house that had been her family's home

A Captain from Tominari, a twit, killed when the Prince was captured

A Captain from Toshikawa, a second twit, survived

A Senior Captain from Yorihata, sensible and destined for greater things


Takagi Ki Yoshimasa, a Healer from Tominari, lost when the Prince was captured

Lord Yorihata no Nagahito, a very old lord whose council proxy has been voted by Yanagi Izumi

Lord Toshikawa no Nobuakira, a very young lord, just barely of age

Lord Shimoya no Sukekatsu, whose council proxy has been voted by Tahata

Lord Tominari no Tsunahito, cousin of Chancellor Tajima

Shirokura clan (besides the brothers)

three old men, seven women, ten children, including:

Nobuharu - a renowned artist


Haruhisa - 'Grandfather' official head of the family

'Hato', a boy of about 10 who acts as gatekeeper

'Niwa', a girl of about 5 who acts as the Prince's handmaid and messenger


The last lord of Isashige, Kazuo, his wife Morie, son Kazumori and daughter Kazuko, ghosts that have become guardian spirits of the Isashige estate


Fujikawa 'Shiro', ghost of Kakemono's older brother, who died in childhood


Yamakado Masachika, The Chancellor's new field commander


Matsumae Haruki, The Chancellor's chief of security

Shimazuki Okikata, A new vassal of Tajima 

Takemura Kin, A new vassal of Kawachi, an engineer and ex-gold- miner

Captain Iwase, a vassal of Kawachi

Captain Higuchi, another vassal of Kawachi

TroopMaster Kusano Shigeru, one of the Prince's new vassals, (non- commissioned)

Isaminato no Nagasachi, a Sea-dragon 

Dragon Princess Aoe, Nagasachi's niece

Captain Nishiyama, a Vassal of Tajima

Bannerman Ashiya a Kawachi vassal in charge of the Prince's banner


Masamichi and Kuromaru, Two of Yoshiatsu's sons


'Kikuchiyo' A geisha

Ki no Ayame, her half-sister, a Healer

'Kitsunebi', a famous writer and performer of Noh plays

Yonsen Dorubaru a foreign merchant stranded by the invasion, now serving in Ninori's artillery company (Thorvardr Jonsen)

Among the Enemy


Kurowa no Motoe An enemy officer in black armor and mask with a jim-baori the color of freshly spilled blood

The 'Master', chief of the Demons at the Great Shrine

Hisakatsu, The Serpent Lord

Neko no Ki no Mayonaka, a supernatural cat with Manifest Prince power levels, a Life Mage